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However, if the Bank is not going to meet you have to go to court. However, all the above factors are not so easy, so many mortgage borrowers also fall into the group of those who struck creditomania. The non-payment of debt, late payments can be a substantial reason for the cancellation of the credit agreement. Actually the problem is only in that the borrower did not pay attention on such an important point or didn't understand it. Usually the initiators of termination by banks.

If the property was bequeathed to minors, the decision will be for them to take the parents or official guardians. It's a dark, gangster and totally unfair scheme. However, if the Bank is not going to meet you have to go to court.

However, it is not strange looks, but this specific category of people in our country are very inclined to commit rash and spontaneous actions, which ultimately lead to the financial collapse or destitute. According to psychologists, the most conscious citizens are citizens of our country aged 40-43 years, as these people turn to financial institutions as a rule, to buy housing. If the potential borrower has decided to purchase a vacation property in this way, a potential borrower is to start looking not financial institutions, and reputable construction company that is willing to provide such services. This is a fairly new service, so it is provided not in all banks, so will have to try. As you know, to change the terms of the contract, and even more so to terminate it unilaterally prohibited. Also do not forget about such a delicate moment, as the Statute of limitations. According to most psychologists about obtaining loans most often think people with low incomes. Attentively read the contract, the borrower may not pay attention to the fact that the rate at which he pays the loan, not a fixed and floating, i.e. For example, a borrower wants to take a Bank of 100 thousand rubles.